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k-wedges-1Need new shafts? Having trouble hitting the green? Need more distance? Putter Fitting : Why is the loft and the lie of the putter important to every golfer? The putter is about 43% of a golfer’s average score!.

We now carry Miura Clubs and can offer you a full line of clubs from this famous club maker. Call us for a custom fitting or for any questions you may have.

We also now carry KBS Shafts featuring the KBS Fit System comprised of a concise selection of shaft models offering a balanced progression for trajectory and ball spin in each model. Each model is also available in a number of flexes for an exact match every time.

4 Responses to Welcome to Golfsmithing.com

  1. ross says:

    Thanks for the great golf clubs Ronnie. It was a pleasure working with you.

  2. rsmith5 says:

    Great, if you need anything else please contact me Ronnie

  3. Bill Horan says:

    Ronnie – thanks for the wedges! My short game this year has been great.

  4. rsmith5 says:

    Thanks Bill Let me know if you need anything else Ronnie

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