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Adjustable Hosel Driver Confusion!
There is a lot of confusion and misinformation in the golf industry about adjustable hosel drivers. Marketing claims from major-brand OEMs are telling consumers that adjustable hosel drivers are a “next big thing” in clubfitting. Don’t be fooled. The OEM adjustable hosel drivers are actually a step backward in our goal at TWGT to partner with clubmakers to offer golfers the very best in custom fit equipment that can truly allow them to play to the best of their ability.

That’s because OEMs:

1) Are not informing golfers about how the loft change with an adjustable hosel driver can occur
2) The OEM adjustable hosel drivers eliminate face angle as a possible fitting assistance for golfers
3) The OEM adjustable hosel drivers are still much too long for the majority of golfers
4) The OEM adjustable drivers continue to be built to one series of standard specifications which ignores the full benefits of custom fitting

As part of our continuing commitment to custom clubmakers, we are pleased to offer the following video—part of a continuing series of new videos to be produced and offered by Tom Wishon Golf Technology—that explains, in plain language, why using OEM adjustable hosel drivers do very little to enhance a golfer’s game. In the video we also explain the differences between our bendable hosel drivers and woods over OEM adjustable hosel drivers, differences that can allow you to offer the most game improvement to any golfer. Click here to view that video, and to learn more about how you can help your clients become better, happier golfers.